Far out - if it's the same for you I'll just hang

...Well, she didn't even send me a message but honestly at the moment, I dont give a flying fuck. Instead I just face the fact and realize that a hero from the sky always got the upper hand, you just have to low your pices and try to be the better man, word of advice, silence is of the essence, just shut it. 
...Most of the time I feel that nothing can touch me, I've got Fay'n and the piece right by my side, I'm fucking bullet-proof, but sometimes, I guess it's when I think to much I really feel vulnerable.
...So what to do then? I could just stay here, feel sad of myself and cry like a baby.... or, mabye just join the joyride, catch the down town train, have a few drinks and head for a nice club.
...correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that we don't got enough Doh-re-me yet to head for some cool place like Florida, Hawaii or Cuba to have the time of our lifes but...
...Well, The piece calls, Spybar it is. 
End game - Far out .

Postat av: Henrylovise

You have done a great job with everything on this site. I Love your site

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